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Conference. Team meeting. Staff discussion. Motivational speech. Lecture. Warning. PowerPoint talk. Moderate. Mediate. Job interview. Criticism. Praise. Presentation. Say no. Cancel. Present a project…

You can manage most of these conversations quite well. But sometimes it just doesn’t work. Try my tips: I have prepared six speeches and talks for you. You can find them on this page. If you click on the respective photo, a flipchart with an outline opens. The texts are large enough that you can photograph the entire page with your mobile phone. Then fill in the individual outline points with your content, practice a few times — and you’re ready for the next speech, the next conversation.

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Have fun with jobtalks!
Stefan Korol


Speeches. Three samples.

Talks are stressful — at least for most people. And they are the appearances that most cause weak knees, a racing pulse, and sweaty hands for many. This nervousness, this fear is justified, because the risk of embarrassing yourself with and during a speech is quite high.


Everything about PowerPoint (PPT) has already been said, explained, and written. After 20 years of training and coaching on communication, speech, and PowerPoint, here are just some of my top tips:

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The „We“ speech

Your colleague celebrates his birthday. You just finished a big project. You’ve been promoted unexpectedly: A great opportunity for a spontaneous “We” speech. Here is the structure for it:

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The distress speech

Oops… this is a topic you can’t really say anything about. Because you simply have
no idea about it. Or because you have no secrets you can reveal. Before you
start stuttering — do like the politicians do: Talk a lot without saying anything.
In this example you are being asked: “Should politics regulate the economy?”

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Colleague-talks. Three samples.

Informal discussions among colleagues. It’s about daily coexistence — with each other. No boss, no formality. Such topics and occasions are the standard for spontaneous discussions. And, accordingly, they often go wrong. Three examples — each with three very simple outlines and sample texts.

Say „no“

Employees, suppliers, customers — they all have wishes. You can’t always fulfill them. But to say NO is not that easy: It disturbs the harmony, we’re rejecting a person and his wishes, maybe we are afraid of being seen as “bad.” And a NO is cold, repellent, and demotivates the other person. Here is an example of how the NO is safely accepted by the other person; this example is about Kevin’s wish for a short-term vacation.

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Dirty dishes in the kitchen, smokers and non-smokers. Eating Doner kebabs at the desk: little things. But they can develop into real arguments. Unfortunately, they often don’t lead to anything. Except maybe for a bad mood. Give it a try with this “schedule”:

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You made a mistake. A product doesn’t work. No wonder your colleague is pissed off now, or your customer is dissatisfied. Both are disappointed psychologically. And in the case of disappointments, our heads are turned off, we only react from the gut —  exaggerated, strongly, uncontrolled. If you just stick to the content and argue, justify yourself, insist on being right — everything just gets worse. It’s better like this:

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